Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition.

These three photographs of mine have been accepted to the 2020 Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition. The show opens February

I Promise To Do This, Mexico.

Collaborative works made together with photo journalist Lasse Bak Mejlvang. Work shown at Mellemfolkeligt Samvirkes headquarters in Copenhagen in September 2019.

Few believed it would ever become a reality when president candidate Donald Trump back in 2015 promised to build a wall between The United States and Mexico. But the world would soon become wiser. Time has shown that when the Trump won the election the US got a president who is completely unpredictable. We can’t even imaging what he will tweet or say next. Construction of walls, buying foreign countries or breaking old agreements. It is as if we are in Trumps universe and are being presented with this surreal world, and soon we won’t know what’s real and what’s not.

As an accusing finger and a comment to President Donald Trump, photo journalist Lasse Bak Mejlvang and artist Anders Bendixen have created a series of images that they have given the title ”I promise to do this, Mexico”. In a mix of analog photographs and digital drawings the images puts focus on prejudges, emigrants and Trumps construction plans along the US/Mexico border. The title is inspired by one of Trumps own tweets, the one where he promises not to build a Trump Tower on Greenland, (”I promise not to do this Greenland”)

The photographs in the series are shot in Cancun, Tulum and Holbox. These names are very familiar to most Americans and are amongst some of their most popular vacation destinations. And with good reason, these places are very attractive and all three are located in the north eastern part of Mexico, right by the Caribbean archipelago and has some of the cleanest turquoise water you can imaging. Very convenient for the Americans it is only a four hour flight away from New Yorks harsh winters to sun, sand and all inclusive hotels.

If you choose to build a wall to keep someone out you are also locking yourself in.

Summer Group Show 2019 at Bredgade Kunshandel

My contribution to the Summer Group Show at Bredgade Kunsthandel.

Three Days In Tournai

Every year the single speed cyclocross community gathers to compete in their own world championships. In 2018 the SSCXWC was held on European soil for the first time. They might call it a race but it’s not about who wins or looses.

Ironman København 2018

Ironman is the king of triathlons and every year the Copenhagen streets get flooded with men and women who’s put everything on the line for this one day.

Danish National Cyclocross Team

In the beginning of 2019 I followed the Danish National Cyclocross Team on their last training camp before the World Championships. And again two weeks later for the the first World Championships in Denmark in over 20 years.

Mixed Sports Photos